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Privacy Policy

  1. Privacy Policy

    Be My Boss (BMB) is committed to protecting the personal information of its Users and paid staff. BMB is committed to compliance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and the National Privacy Principles (NPP).

    Information held by BMB is treated confidentially. Access is only granted to those members of paid staff who need it to carry out their duties. This privacy policy outlines how personal information is managed and privacy safeguarded.

    This privacy policy does not apply to linked websites.

  2. Collection of Personal Information

    The only personal information collected by BMB is that which is considered necessary to carry out its functions and activities. The personal information requested depends on the product and services you engage. Information is collected when you:

    (1) use one of our services;

    (2) pay for access to information;

    (3) subscribe to the newletters (if any);

    (4) take part in surveys and consultations;

    (5) register on any of the Websites;

    (6) are contracted to carry out work for BMB;

    (7) apply for paid or volunteer work; or

    (8) fill in a registration form to attend a conference, seminar or training session.

    2.2 The way you use the services available determines the type and amount of information collected. Some of this information may not be personal because it will not reveal your identity;

    2.3 Cookies are enabled on the Website. Cookies do not reveal your personal information. The User may disable cookies.
  3. Use and Disclosure

    The information you supply is used for the purpose it is collected. This is called the 'primary purpose'. However the information may be used on occasions where a closely related 'secondary purpose' indicates your needs has changed or has expanded.

    BMB may use and disclose your personal information for approved purposes and in a variety of ways associated with approved purposes. This includes the following:

    (1) BMB may disclose personal information to related or unrelated third parties if consent has been obtained from you, which consent is implied by using this Website.

    (2) BMB will take reasonable steps to ensure that its contracts with third parties (if any) include requirements for third parties to comply with the Use and Disclosure requirements of the Privacy Act, and in accordance with the BMB Privacy Policy.

    (3) BMB may disclose personal information to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, Courts or external advisors where permitted or required by law.

    (4) BMB may disclose personal information to avoid an imminent threat to a person's life or to public safety.

    (5) If disclosure is not for a primary purpose, then it is for a related secondary purpose. If disclosure has not been obtained, then BMB will not disclose your personal information, unless for the reasons outlined above.

    (6) BMB's customer service team may contact with Users to request feedback in relation to the Services. The User should inform BMB as soon as possible if it can no longer wishes to be contacted in this manner. But that

    (7) BMB does not sell or share its client lists on a commercial basis with third parties. However, in the event a referral to another service was appropriate or sought by you, it would be done only if your appropriate consent was obtained in writing.
  4. Research and statistics

    In the reporting of research and statistical data, personal and sensitive information will be de-identified.
  5. Data Quality

    5.1 Accuracy BMB takes all reasonable care to ensure that the personal information collected is accurate, complete and up-to-date. We recommend that you tell us if you become aware of errors or any changes.

    5.2 Data security

    (1) All data collected in the course of BMB's activities will be retained in written or electronic form. Our paid staff will only access data where it is necessary for the performance of BMB's activities.

    (2) By the use of the following security measures BMB undertakes to:

    (a) Physical security – personal information on paper is filed in secure cabinets.

    (b) Computer and network security – any personal information is protected by web servers using up-to-date methods prevent unauthorised access.

    (c) Communication security – emails are protected by web servers and a disclaimer states the material in the email is meant only for the intended recipient and requests notification if the email is sent to anyone else; and

    (d) Personnel security – staff are trained on the procedural measures adopted by BMB to protect personal information.
  6. Destroying or de-identifying personal information

    Personal information will be kept only for as long as deemed necessary for BMB to meet its contractual and legal obligations. Secure destruction methods will be adopted.
  7. Openness

    Privacy statements will be posted on each website of BMB.
  8. Access and correction

    8.1 Any person who has personal information held by BMB can access their data on request so that it may be reviewed and details corrected.

    8.2 BMB maintains the right to take reasonable steps to ensure that the person wanting access to personal information is the individual to whom the held data relates. A request may be made to: Privacy Officer Be My Boss Phone: 03 9619 0121 Email: Web:
  9. Anonymity

    Anonymity is an important element of privacy. People are able to contact BMB anonymously where it is practical and lawful to do so. Where specific login or ongoing support is requested, the personal information deemed necessary for the purposes of BMB's activities will be requested by staff. Personal information will normally be requested in the form of a name and address.