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Bring out the best in your CV


Engage your potential employer

Responding to job offers on the BMB site

Make sure you do your research!!


Your interview - What to expect


Be yourself in an interview - Interview questions


Oh No! Behavioural Questions!!

(What they are and how to survive them)

Show your true colours and practice, practice, practice


Style and presentation is key to closing the deal


Editor's Note: How to cope with the psychological stress of Boss Finding

Be prepared to Move Forward! Don't put all your eggs in one basket as this can often come across as desperate. Once you have sent on your thanks put your focus and energy into “next steps”, continue to research for other positions and attend other interviews, that way if you are unsuccessful you already have other options.

Finally, don't take a rejection personally, there are many reasons that people don't get the job, often having nothing to do with them. If you are unsuccessful, take the news graciously, you never know, it is a small world now and your paths may cross again one day. Thank them for their consideration and say you would like to enquire as to why you were unsuccessful so that you may better develop yourself for next time. This will show great strength of character and also give you an insight as to what is important for that type of position or company.

Good Luck!