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Whilst quitting your job is often not the prettiest scene, some of these examples are truly outrageous; we advise you don’t try this at work!


Quit by Baking; Not sure if this guy was trying to sweeten up his boss for a good reference but with a cake that size one can only assume he expects a REALLY bad reference!

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 Apparently this method is so popular there is an actual website


Quit Movie Style (literally!); Click here to check out this musically inspired film created by a programmer showing the company in an adventure scene with a twist, our thrill seekers here are actually geeky looking people who can’t make up their minds as to what they want to do with their lives.  Movie reel




Getting Mario to Quit for You; Check out this ingenious designer who quit by re-designing the classic Mario Brothers game to include an all-too-clear note to his boss; Play now.  However we do think that no matter how clever, he may want to leave this out of his portfolio for his next job…  Mario


How about by Alert Button; A company designer created an alert button that read “The designer you treat like sh*t has quit unexpectedly”. “Your company and other employees are not affected”. Followed by 3 buttons for options such as Ignore, HR and Renegotiate with the words “Click renegotiate to discuss terms of new contract or HR to find out how badly you F! up”. He’s not bitter at all!

The “I’ve Moved Back Into My Mom’s House” button was noticeably missing.


Paula Abdul Does it Twitter Style; when Paula decided to quit American Idol, what was her preferred evacuation method? The truly trendy way, twitter.





Quit Cheesily; this grocery store worker who had stumbled his way into work, promptly decided to quit by using a cheese spread instead of a pen and the store front window instead of paper – full story


Quit Singing (no really!); after an average rendition of Ice Ice Baby (not humiliating enough) this show tunes bunny rips open his shirt to reveal the real reason for re-enacting his LONG forgotten youth with the words “I Quit!” emblazoned across his chest!!



In Style – Radio Style; this sensational announcement by a US radio presenter certainly let everyone know exactly how she felt and why she was quitting – not pretty.




Even though we all find it a little hilarious and often, quite tempting, most of us will place those evil thoughts back in their box where they belong and do the right thing. It is never good to burn bridges, the world is getting smaller so you never know when this may come back to greet you.


Here are some tips on getting through a resignation.


Resign in person; you should resign both orally and with a written letter including that you are intending to leave, the date of the resignation, your last day and include a signature. Given you will be handing the notice in and providing a verbal resignation you will have time then to explain your reasons (if you so choose), there is no need to go into too much detail in the letter.

We have included an example below;

<Company Address>
<Managers Name (or HR)>

<Date of submission>

Dear Mr ______,

Please accept my formal resignation as at today dated _________ from <POSITION> with <COMPANY NAME>. As per my contract, I am providing __ weeks notice and my last day will be <DATE>.




Be truthful but clear; Even though you may be tempted to say exactly how you feel, putting all your cards on the table you are probably best thinking long term and holding your tongue for the bar after work with your mates, you never know what’s around the corner. Saying that, constructive criticism allows people (and companies) to grow, so if you have something to say which might improve circumstances then by all means express it, just ensure it is said professionally and not emotionally.


Stay on until they can replace you; if reasonable for you, offer to work on a transition plan with your boss or team to ensure that a proper knowledge transfer is performed, that you’re able to tie up loose ends, and your work responsibilities are assigned to others.


Be certain before giving into impulsive decision making; ntake some time out to evaluate why you are wanting to leave, remember, often the grass is only greener on the other side due to all the manure which is waiting there.


Ensure you know how much notice to give; the standard length of time for staying at your old job after you’ve officially resigned is 2 weeks though often if you’ve been in the same position for a length of time this number goes up to 1 month. But be careful not to stay on at the old job too long, with the unstable market you never know if your new job will still be there if you wait too long.


Finally, Plan;

  • Be prepared for the consequences.
    There’s a lot to straighten out once you decide upon leaving a job: unused holiday time (check out how much the government taxes you for taking it as pay when you leave!), unemployment benefits, CV’s, interviews to find a replacement job.  And don’t forget to set up your references for if you don’t have a new job lined up.
  • Have another job lined up first.
    Its best if you can have the new job offer in writing so that you cover all the bases before making any moves. This way, the ball remains in your court and you have control of your situation.

You can find some other great ways to move on here and here.

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