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BeMyBoss Gets You Contractor Jobs

BeMyBoss is the flexible site where you can post the dream job you are after and it finds you. So are you currently employed but want to set out on your own in a contractor job role? Or do you want a slice of the contractor job action which is about to sweep Australia? Either way we are here to make that happen, simply post your free profile stating which type of contractor job you are after and when employers enter in the contractor job they are offering, you details will appear in front of them. Below is a list of the contractor jobs we currently offer, if there is one you would like to see added, please submit your query stating CONTRACTOR JOB CATAGORY ADDITION and we will add it to the list.

Should I bother going down the Contractor Job route?

Did you know that according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics a whole 20% of Australian workers are running independent contractor jobs? This equates to a huge 1.4 million people which is growing especially due to one of the many projects sprouting all around Australia, most widely known is the much anticipated Gorgon Gas project (see Project Jobs off the homepage for more information). What this means is that there will be a huge demand for the fulfilment of contractor jobs.

Some of the main areas currently in demand are;

  • Engineering Contractor Jobs
  • Farming Contractor Jobs
  • Finance Contractor Jobs
  • Franchising Contractor Jobs
  • Home Business Contractor Jobs
  • Housing Construction Contractor Jobs
  • Information Technology (IT) Contractor Jobs
  • Telephone Call Centre Contractor Jobs
  • Transport Contractor Jobs
  • Secretarial Contractor Jobs


How to find your Dream Contractor Job with BeMyboss..

In your profile select the Work Type: Contract – Project Work – Self Employed in any of our contractor jobs industries such as;

Admin, Office Support & Secretaries Contractor Jobs

Agricultural Incl. Labour / Farm Hands Contractor Jobs

Automotives Contractor Jobs

Banking, Financial Services & Accountants Contractor Jobs

Community, Health, Sport, & Leisure Workers Contractor Jobs

Construction, Building & Architecture Workers Contractor Jobs

Customer Service, Call Centre & Sales Experts Contractor Jobs

Educators & Trainers Contractor Jobs

Electricians Contractor Jobs

Engineers Contractor Jobs

Human Resources & Recruitment Officers Contractor Jobs

IT & Telecommunications Specialists Contractor Jobs

Legal Advisors Contractor Jobs

Logistics, Transport & Supply Companies Contractor Jobs

Manufacturing Operatives Contractor Jobs

Media, Advertising, Marketing Arts & Entertainment Businesses Contractor Jobs

Medical & Healthcare Contractor Jobs

Mining, Oil & Gas Contractor Jobs

Property / Realestate Contractor Jobs

Retail, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Contractor Jobs

Trades Contractor Jobs


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