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First of all, the biggest question we all seem to ask ourselves is How Do I Find the Best Job For ME!!

Isn't that the million dollar question?

In this article we will look at;

  1. How to identify the job you want
  2. How to find your Dream Online Job Today
  3. Who is looking online for you today
  4. Top 10 Critical Success Factors to Obtaining that Job Today Online
  5. Exercise Results

How to Identify what you Want when looking Online for Jobs Today

So our heads are so full of choices and with all the technology out there it's no wonder we just stay put in the jobs we have today, no matter how much we hate them!

Firstly we need to figure out what you want to search for online in a job today.

Try these exercises designed to get you thinking about the type of job you want today (not when you were 5!).

Exercise 1: Dream

Imagine this; you're sitting at home contemplating yet another working week of misery and hell and you're thinking “I can't be bothered looking through endless online jobs today” so on cue you reach to check your lottery ticket numbers only to find that this time you've won the jackpot. The amount you have won will set you up for life and in fact you couldn't spend the interest paid out every week if you tried.

Now write down a list detailing;

  • All the things you would buy with that money
  • The things you would do over the next 12 months
  • How would that money alter your life
  • Now pick your top 10 and write them down, call them your Dream List.

Exercise 2: Your Dream Working Week

Instead of winning the lottery, this time you've received a telephone call from a distant relative's lawyer, someone you've never met who has left you unlimited money which will pay for everything you will ever need. The catch is that this person was a workaholic and so the stipulation of this money is that you must continue to work.

So given you can do anything you want and you can't fail, how would that change when looking online for jobs today?

Write down a list detailing;

    • The work you would do
    • A typical day doing that work
    • What is your working environment
    • How many hours are you working
    • What are the people like that you work with
    • Is there a structure to your work, what does it look like

    Exercise 3: Your Death!

    Yes, yes most people think it's a morbid subject but I on the other hand make most of my decisions based on being at the “end” of my life. It puts things in perspective. I always ask myself “what would I have WANTED to have done with this time”? That usually makes the decision and my priorities on what to do next much easier.

    So, today write down your obituary, detailing;

    • What you were most remembered for
    • What were your greatest achievements
    • What people are saying about you
    • How did you live your life
    • What are the people like that you work with
    • What type of traits were you most remembered for

    At the end of this article is the script which will help you determine and unravel what the answers to these 3 exercises mean to you. This will help you
    re-focus on where you need to be.

    How to find Online Jobs Today

    No more needing to seek for online jobs today, BeMyBoss has reversed the entire pocess so that employers need to look online for the jobs THEY want filled today.
    All you need to do is;

    1. Create a Free Online Jobs profile Today
      Your personal details will not be given to anyone other than for jobs you've requested,

    2. Complete Steps 1 & 2. This will be presented to potential employers who are posting online jobs today, and

    3. Step 3.
      You can post up to 3 different profiles for different jobs. Look for this Help help icon - when clicked will post advice on the top right hand corner of the page.

    4. Optional Step 4. You can upload your picture, post a video presentation and/or CV. You also have the option to remain anonymous.


    Make sure you give as much information as you can, you will be competing with other potentials…


    When you find the job you're after all you do is deactivate it but all the information will still be there for you to see. When you are looking again you just reactivate it with your new requirements.

    If you still need assistance we have exceptional advice pages with in-depth instructions on making yourself stand out, click on Look Like a Pro and How it Works from the homepage.

    TOP 10 Critical Success factors when Posting Online Jobs Today:

    1. Relevant Experience
    2. Positive attitude towards work,
    3. Proficiency in field of study,
    4. Communications skills,
    5. Interpersonal skills,
    6. Confidence,
    7. Critical thinking & Problem solving skills,
    8. Flexibility,
    9. Self motivation,
    10. Leadership & Teamwork

    For more details on how to prepare for Online Jobs Today go to the Look Like a Pro section via the homepage, we show you how to;

    • Prepare for interviews
    • Handle interview questions
    • What to wear
    • CV / Resume Writing
    • CV / Resume Templates
    • In fact everything you need to land a job today!

    Interpretation of the Exercises at the Top of the Page.

    (No peeking until you've done the exercises!!!)

    Exercise 1: Dream

    This will give you a clear vision of your life goals because you will have uncovered your secret Dreams.

    This could have formed in the way of material items or how you'd spend your time or was your physical body your biggest focus?

    Try to look behind the obvious answers o your list and think about what each image represents to you. For example if you have said that you would buy a farm in the country to live out a quite existence then what you're more than likely saying is that you are looking for some quite time, or time to yourself, this is in contrast if you selected a flashy mansion in which case you may be looking for physical recognition from others.

    Remember this is you uncovering YOU, you can't be wrong here so don't judge your answers, honour them!

    Now reflect on what you have now, how far away are you from your dream reality?

    Is there anything you can do to bring the two a bit closer?

    Brainstorm throwing around as many ideas as you can, you never know what you may come up with!

    Exercise 2: Your Dream Working Week

    This tells you the role you REALLY want to play in the working world and what that looks like.

    Did it surprise you?

    How big a gap was there between that reality and your current one? Perhaps a few more hours or less things you enjoy?

    If you're currently working ridiculous hours and your ideal was a good 30 hours with walks on the beach in-between then it's time for you to take stock and work out what changes you can make to get closer to that ideal working situation. Be creative.

    Exercise 3: Your Death!

    So how'd you go? Feel uncomfortable? Good! If this is the first time you have considered this area then it's about time!

    This section brings both your life goals and your professional persona together. What sort of legacy did you want to leave and how far have you got with that?

    Don't reach the end having never thought of what you would have wanted to do to only find it's now too late. Go there as many times as you like, especially when there's conflicting decisions to make, it's amaising how clearly your choices become.

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