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BeMyBoss – Changing the Face of Employment Jobs Online

"A new Australian company is offering a revolutionary approach to job-seeking: it ‘reverses’ the recruitment process changing the face of employment jobs online forever. Rather than spending hours trawling the newspapers and the internet for available employment jobs online and attending unsuccessful interviews, Be My Boss (www.bemyboss.com.au) gives candidates the opportunity to advertise themselves for their dream employment jobs online."

"Through this stylish, user-friendly website, job-seekers can make their skills, experience, qualifications and ‘dream job’ description available to potential employers. Be My Boss’s ultimate aim is to make employees, whether they are looking for work or not, directly accessible to employers to fill specific employment jobs online easily."

"The site works by allowing job-seekers to upload up to three personal profiles for three different employment jobs online. This means a candidate can publish a profile to help them find their ‘dream employment jobs’ online, or a job they are willing to do, or even some part-time or temp work for immediate income or vice versa."

"The service also provides many benefits to employers, including reduced recruitment costs due to not having to post their employment jobs online on many different sites and a more immediate response from candidates."

"The initial concept for Be My Boss was formed in 2006 when friends (and now business partners) Sensation Mugwagwa and Hannah Langstaff discussed each other’s struggle to find ‘something more’ in their careers and the current method of finding employment jobs online and through recruitment agencies."

"A newly qualified accountant - Sensation was disillusioned after hearing endless reports in the media about the abundance of employment jobs online and lack of candidates, yet remaining unable to identify any employment jobs whether online or otherwise which matched her dream. "

"Hannah Langstaff had a background in the learning and development industry which spanned three continents but after eight years in the corporate world she wanted to fulfil her passion for helping people directly in their personal lives. Her employment jobs (mostly online) search as she had no time to visit hundreds of agencies was fruitless, and trying to unravel exactly what an employer wanted, having to guess whether her skills, qualifications or experience could fit into the employment jobs offered online and having to re-do her CV for each application was exhausting. "

"She described the experience as ‘trying to mould yourself to the unknown’."

"After discussing their countless failed interviews and hours spent in employment jobs sites online it occurred to them: "why should we be the ones searching, shouldn’t employment jobs offered online come find us!"

"And Be My Boss was born."

"The service offers real benefits to both employers and candidates for finding and creating employment jobs online, including":

- Reduced recruitment costs, due to direct contact, with savings passed on to the employer thereby driving more job opportunities;

- Flexible payment structures: companies can undertake sporadic recruiting drives by buying booklet options, or run mass recruitment drives by buying licenses to create employment jobs online as much as they wish;

- A platform for employers to manage their recruitment drives / employment jobs online by allowing storage of 'job cards' and information on candidates previously approached;

- Prompt solutions to companies’ temporary staff needs by allowing direct contact with potential employees;

- Video resume capabilities for candidates to present themselves in a more personal way than with a CV;

- Immediate notification by SMS or e-mail so candidates know that someone is interested in hiring them;

- Anonymity until candidates choose to reveal their personal details, putting the control in their hands;

- A match ratio so near-matches are still presented to employers in the event that they want to renegotiate their expectations.

- The service is just starting to take off, and Sensation and Hannah have received overwhelmingly positive and encouraging feedback. It seems many others share their belief that your career should work for you and not the other way around.

- "They closed by making this statement" we get so many employers begging us to get the people they urgently need onto our database", they said "the hospitality, trades and corporate are most in demand" although get requests for specialised roles all the time."