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How to find Temporary Jobs Online?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics over half a million Australians have more than one job, although the main reason is for additional income people looking for temporary jobs online also choose this path for the flexibility it affords.

It is recorded that about 80% of permanent jobs nowadays are not permanent and that in the past decade full-time jobs rose by 14% whereas temporary jobs rose by a whopping 70%.

BeMyBoss’ independent studies found that the most common frustration in the temporary jobs online and agency markets were the turn-around time, ridiculous costs and long drawn out processes involved with registered and finding temporary jobs and candidates.

That is why the Temporary Jobs Online section was created, all you have to do is create a profile selecting the temp jobs you want and employers will search our site for you at a fraction of the price of recruitment agencies!

To solve the turn-around time problem, we have installed a system where your new employer can SMS you with the job offer making the recruitment process instantaneous!

To register for temporary jobs online simply;

  • Create your free profile via the homepage. We never share your personal information other than for temporary jobs from our online system (unless you want other jobs too) and only ever if you request us to,

  • Complete Steps 1 & 2 Tabs, this tells the employers offering temporary jobs about yourself, then

  • Complete Step 3. You can have up to 3 different profiles for both annually and hourly paid jobs. You will find the temporary jobs section in the Temp & Trade tab.

  • Step 4 is a great way to sell yourself; upload your picture, a video and/or CV.

Remember, the more information you can give the better your chance of being found for temporary jobs via our online database AND YOU ONLY DO THIS ONCE FOR LIFE!

If you still need help you can visit our Look Like a Pro and How it Works pages from the homepage.

Some Helpful Advice When Responding To Temporary Jobs Online

  • Ensure that the company offering you a temporary job online is valid, you can do this via the web or by calling back into the company and speaking with current employees,
  • Validate and confirm that the person who offered you the temporary job online does in fact work at that organisation,
  • Check that the address he/she gave you is valid and current,
  • Check out their website for confirmation,
  • Don’t accept jobs at people’s houses unless you are certain it is safe to do so and even then we recommend taking an escort, ensure you have a mobile phone with you,
  • If you arrive at your new workplace and it is vacant, deserted, far from civilisation or seems suspicious, trust your instincts and leave,
  • Don’t forget to lay down payment terms prior to starting, signing a contract will help safeguard your pay.

Why do people choose temporary jobs?

59% said for personal choice, study or family reasons (child care)

32% said employment reasons – “the only work available”

Most Popular Temporary Jobs Found Online

One of the most popular temporary jobs found online is for regional areas of Australia and is fruit and vegetable picking. The work is very demanding and you can expect to be out in the fields early and working until late at night. Fitness is a major requirement as it is a physically demanding job which is affected by weather and the seasons so not a job you can work all year round. Take a look at www.jobsearch.gov.au/harvesttrail for more information.

In the major cities around Australia the most sought after temporary jobs online are for hotels and include waiting staff, front of house, cleaners, chambermaids, kitchen hands, chefs, bar staff and many others.

The same could be said for restaurants and cafes in the big cities who are always trying to recruit temporary staff online for the busy periods. Experienced barista are top on this list.

Are men or woman more likely to apply for Temporary Jobs?

68% of casual, part time or temporary jobs nowadays are performed by females with 36% of that figure do so on a regular basis as opposed to 78% six years ago.

Workers in temporary jobs were fairly evenly spread throughout different industries with the retail trade sector accounting for a huge 24% of all these employees. The occupation of about 50% of all temporary workers fell into the clerical, sales and service workers

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