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Are you in an Apprenticeship Job? Thinking about getting into an Apprenticeship Job? Looking for a more hands-on career?

Now’s a Good Time to Start an Apprenticeship Job!
Although growth in the total numbers of apprentices and trainees hit a plateau in former years the number of trades' apprentices and trainees took a big 27% increase between 2002 and 2005. There is talk that this is due to the publicity around skill shortages in traditional trade qualifications.


HOW to find an Apprenticeship Job,

WHAT Is An Apprenticeship Job?

BENEFITS of an Apprenticeship Job Program for the employer and candidate

APPRENTICESHIP JOBS can you register for right now


    • Australian School-based Apprenticeships Jobs
    • Full-time Australian Apprenticeships Jobs
    • Part-time Australian Apprenticeships Jobs
    • Group training organisations

WHAT Apprenticeships Leading to a Trades Job

MIGRATION Trends: Trades & Apprenticeships Jobs

So Apprenticeship Jobs Seem the Way to Go – How Do I get an Apprenticeship Job?!

To be considered for an apprenticeship job you need to get yourself in front of an employer looking for an apprentice. ..

Not easy you say.

We know which is why we dedicated this site to putting the employee directly in front of the employer.

Here’s how;

BeMyBoss’ web based database is full of job seekers which employers then run their search criteria through and then contact those people who match the apprenticeship job they need filled.

Getting onto our database;

Step 1:   Create a Free apprenticeship job profile via our homepage
Your personal details will not be given to anyone other than for apprenticeship jobs (or any other jobs          you want) and only when you request it,

Step 2:   This tells your potential employer what you want and have to offer, and

Step 3:   You can fill in all 3 Job Profiles here but if you are only after an apprenticeship job then complete either      the Dream Job or Willing To Do tab and select apprenticeship in the Work Type Section

Step 4:   Upload your picture, post a video presentation and/or CV and is optional.


Try to give as much information about yourself as possible, there will be may others out there, you need to stand out!

NEED HELP STANDING OUT? Just click on our Help help icon wherever you see it and more instructions on how to fill out each cell will pop up in the right hand corner.

If you need more in-depth advice then go to Look Like a Pro and How it Works from the homepage.

Once you’ve completed your pages in full it is there for life (should you want it to be of course). If you find the apprenticeship job you want and don’t want to put yourself out there for anything else then just click on the deactivate your account button, this will remove you from employers searches, when you’re ready you just reactive again.


What Is An Apprenticeship Job?

Recently the distinction between an Australian Apprenticeship and Traineeship has been discontinued and both are now referred to as Australian Apprenticeships even though some stages are reluctant to let go of the differentiation.

Apprenticeships can be defined as;

    • Leading to a nationally recognised qualification,
    • Combine work with training,
    • Can be conducted on a part-time, full-time, or school-based basis,
    • Sometimes funded by the government,
    • Available to all working age’s,
    • Don’t require you to have entry qualifications,
    • Open to people whether leaving school, re-entering the workforce or wanting a career change

    Benefits of an Apprenticeship Job Program


    For the Employer:

    1. Possibly government funding or incentives,
    2. Training benefits bring companies increased productivity, worker motivation, improved quality and service as well as staff retention,
    3. Savings on materials and capital costs,
    4. Tailored focussed training,
    5. Can recognise prior skills / qualifications and experience which reduces training costs.


    For the Apprentice

    1. Flexible training that can be on-the-job, off-the-job or a combination of both,
    2. Can be set up on a full-time, part-time or in a school-based basis,
    3. Get paid while you’re qualifying,
    4. Get a head start in your chosen career,
    5. It’s ‘Competency based’ training so you can finish faster so long as you reach the required skills level,
    6. A good pathway to transition from school to work,
    7. Nationally recognised qualification and skills which can set you up for all future work ambitions,
    8. Can have your existing skills and prior experience recognised or course credits granted so you don’t have to cover “old ground”.


    You can register with BeMyBoss for any apprenticeship job you want, such as;


    Business Services under Admin, Office Support & Secretarial Apprenticeship Jobs

    Agricultural, Incl. Horticultural & Labour / Farm Hand Apprenticeship Jobs

    Automotive Apprenticeship Jobs

    Community, Health, Sport, & Leisure Apprenticeship Jobs

    Construction, Building & Architecture Apprenticeship Jobs

    Customer Service, Call Centre & Sales Apprenticeship Jobs

    Education & Training Apprenticeship Jobs

    Electrical Apprenticeship Jobs

    Engineering Apprenticeship Jobs

    Human Resources & Recruitment Apprenticeship Jobs

    IT & Telecommunications Apprenticeship Jobs

    Logistics, Transport & Supply Apprenticeship Jobs

    Manufacturing Apprenticeship Jobs

    Media, Advertising, Marketing Arts & Entertainment Apprenticeship Jobs

    Medical & Healthcare Apprenticeship Jobs

    Mining, Oil & Gas Apprenticeship Jobs

    Property / Realestate Apprenticeship Jobs

    Retail, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Apprenticeship Jobs

    Trade Apprenticeship Jobs


    No matter what industry you might be interested in, there is likely to be an Australian Apprenticeship Job to meet your needs.



    Australian School-based Apprenticeships Jobs


    To qualify for this type of apprenticeship job



    • Must be in year 10 or above
    • Completing their schooling while simultaneously doing an apprenticeship job program



    • Must identify commitment and competency of possible future employees,
    • Ensure availability of future skills for their business,
    • Give young people a chance to enter the workforce.



    Full-time Australian Apprenticeships Jobs

    The employer is responsible for all the apprentices’ on-the-job training. In consultation with the Australian Apprentice, the organisation must choose a training provider for the off-the-job training and determine a flexible training plan to suit the business needs.


    Part-time Australian Apprenticeships Jobs

    Many small to medium businesses may choose offer Australian Apprenticeship Jobs on a part-time basis.

    The Australian Apprenticeship Training Contract states that the Australian Apprentice must receive a guaranteed work pattern which means a minimum number of hours has to be set for both on and off-the-job training each week.

    These requirements may vary, as an example Queensland’s minimum time spent training at work and with the registered training organisation (RTO) is at least 15 hours / week. Contact your local Australian Apprenticeships Centre for advice.

    Group training organisations

    Group training organisations (GTOs) allow you to request Apprenticeships for Jobs as you need them. The GTO will act as the ‘employer’ and ‘contracts them out to different businesses as and when is appropriate. This is a more flexible way to run apprenticeship jobs.


    Most trades training continues to be through traditional apprenticeships jobs. In 2005, traditional apprenticeship jobs accounted for more than four-fifths of those doing contracted training for a trade and seven-eighths of all those were in contracted training for a trade.

    Getting contracted training with an Apprenticeship Employer while still at school using the school-based apprenticeship is mostly popular for the lower level qualifications, as well as the Retail, Hospitality, Business services and Automotive industries. Statistics show that apart from Automotive trades, very few traditional apprenticeship jobs were commenced at school in 2005.

    MIGRATION TRENDS: Trades & Apprenticeships Jobs
    Immigration used to be a key source for skilled trades workers with nearly 47% of new tradespeople being migrants. The supply of tradespeople from immigration declined rapidly from the late 1960s, with increased apprenticeship job intakes compensating for the decline in immigration.

    History of Trade Migration Today

    In 1984–85, immigration accounted for only 5% of new tradespeople.

    In 2004–05 the gain of tradespeople from migration was just over 6,000.


    That same period 28,900 people completed their trade apprenticeship job qualification, thereby making the gain through immigration a whopping 17% of new tradespeople.

    Most skilled immigration (about 40,000) to Australia is of people with non-trade occupations. Immigration of tradespeople may increase in the future because a wider range of trade occupations has been included in the Migration Occupations in Demand list in recent years. This list assists in prioritising applicants to the skilled migration program. In September 2006, 41 trade occupations were listed.


    Now is the time to get into an Australian Apprenticeship Job Program!


    See the article on Project Jobs to read all about the influx of jobs into WA.

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