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Engaging your potential employer
– Responding to job offers on the BMB site

So you've received your very first or several job offers, don't think that you can just accept the interview and that is it, job in the bag!

All of the 8 steps we take you through are as equally as important as the other in ensuring you get your dream job.

We all know first impressions last and in this system you get 2. Your first is in your initial response to your potential boss and the second is during your interview (which we take you through below).

It is exciting to receive job offers, especially if it is exactly what you're looking for, however, don't just send an e-mail saying “yes ok I'll attend an interview”, get creative because if you don't the next person certainly will!!

So, firstly, do some baseline homework about the company (see next article titled 'Make sure you do your research!!'). Find people to talk to within the organisation, they can give you great insight as to what the organisation itself is like (if you don't know anyone, receptionists are always a great source).

When replying to their initial job offer whether in writing or by telephone (always opt to set up an interview by telephone if your potential boss gives you a choice) be polite, thank them for the opportunity and state that you are looking forward to meeting them to learn more about their organisation.

It is perfectly acceptable and sometimes advisable to ask pre-interview questions such as;

  • Who will I be meeting with?
  • Is there anything I should prepare?
  • Should I expect a particular type of interview format?
  • Any other information I should be aware of such as special instructions on finding the location, contact numbers in the unlikely case of being delayed or just any other general information


Leading expert Kirch says “you have nothing to lose by asking, it shows that a candidate is interested in what's going to happen and interested in you as an employer and they're inquisitive, and in most cases that's going to be a very positive thing.” This will also show you have the ability to plan, think ahead and be organised which in any businesses is certainly a bonus, if not critical.