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Style, Presentation and Closing The Deal

First impressions count and statistically speaking it only takes the average person 5 seconds to form an opinion.  Don't let your first impression be your last.  Dress appropriately for each interview. 

A leading recruiter authorative Kent Kirch say's “dressing appropriately is sometimes lost on recent graduates”, stating that young people even turn up in just a coat whereas a suit is much more appropriate. Kirch says “even when they do come with the right tie or suit, they are not well-presented”.

We can't stress this enough, research is key!!! (See previous article Make sure you do your research!!)

Presentation Suggestions:

If you've done your homework you will know exactly how to dress for the role. Below we've added some musts and other suggestions which may apply to the role you want to land.

  • Carry your documents (resumes etc) in a leather briefcase or folder. This must be clean and presentable!
  • Always dress appropriately for the role. Suits and ties are generally a must for professional roles regardless of the job you are interviewing for.  Suit up ladies and gentlemen. 
  • Wear colours that suit the company you have been researching, when in doubt try to be neutral (i.e. you have to be certain of the company's flamboyancy to rock up in bright colours)
  • Wear conservative shoes where appropriate.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and fit you. There's nothing more off-putting than seeing someone who is bulging out of their pants, or their shirt is sitting around their middle (that is unless you are applying for a personal trainer's role!)
  • Make sure your hair is neat , tidy, clean and not in your face
  • Don't wear strong or overpowering perfume or after shave
  • Jewellery must be kept to a minimum


All it takes is one little “point of difference” between you and another person applying for the same role with the same qualifications, experience and skills as you.

Your interviewer will then have to rely on their “impression” of you which will include how you look for other clues as to your personality. For example if your clothes aren't ironed this could say to the interviewer that you have poor time-keeping skills or have poor presentation skills which could cost you the position.


Follow up after the interview by telephone, email or send a thank you note.  Thank them for taking the time to meet with you and reiterate subtly your desire to join the company. This shows the prospective employer that you are serious about the role and it might just seal the deal.