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Show your true colours and Practice, Practice, Practice

So you now have a really good idea of what the interviewer is going to ask and look for in the interview but it won't do you any good just knowing this information, you MUST practice these “probable questions” with someone – if you're brave enough even in front of the mirror!

If you find the task of role-playing with someone difficult or daunting, imagine how much more daunting it is going to be in front of someone you don't know, or worse, an audience of people.

Familiarity is key to feeling calm and relaxed in an interview, you are half-way there by knowing the company interviewing you and 100% there once you've practiced it so much that it flows out of your mouth naturally. So, find someone to practice with, preferably someone who will give you honest feedback and guidance on your 'performance'. 

Most importantly get yourself to the point of being able to respond in a casual, conversational manner, people can pick up on falseness from a mile away which can come across as dishonest which is the last characteristic you want to portray.

Bullet pointing your most important attributes, skills and experiences in align with your research is a better way to practice your interview as then it won't appear as if you're reciting from a script.