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Even in this economy, some companies are going out of their way to please employees. Corporate success is clearly linked to staff satisfaction - and internet search company Google is the proof. According to BRW magazine perks were a common theme at all the Top 50 companies - perks.

Benefits from employers vary from free iPods, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and the opportunity for international travel. Popular employers in Melbourne and around Australia also offer such benefits as education subsidies, on-site fitness centres or subsidised gym memberships, flexible work arrangements including telecommuting, health insurance plans and senior management opportunities for women and child care.

The top employers in Melbourne see perks and benefits as a way to motivate staff, bucking the trend of other companies that have slashed benefits as the economy slides.  IBM recently cut out free coffee worldwide to reduce its costs.

Employees in Melbourne are starting to demand more flexibility in their work schedule, telecommuting and alternative work arrangements will increase. Distance will make collaborative projects more vulnerable to misunderstandings and uncoordinated efforts. Switching employers in Melbourne will not be a problem since telecommuters will easily be able to maintain remote work assignments with future employers. Employers in Melbourne choosing not to ‘go’ to work may find the office replaced by corporate ‘hotels’ where employees from different companies rent space simultaneously.
Top Employers In Melbourne
According to news.com.au the top two employers based in Melbourne by rank, company, number of employees, industry sector, location of head office

1. ETM Group, 73 (55 full-time), Business services (Travel, events management), Melbourne 
2. OBS, 102 (98 full-time), Information technology, Melbourne