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Brisbane is an easy going, cosmopolitan city and a popular alternative for those who like Sydney's weather but not its cost of living. Brisbane is a warmer option than Sydney or Melbourne. Housing here is more affordable than in Sydney but more expensive than Melbourne. It also has a large number of suburbs within 1 - 5km of the city centre.

Brisbane has medium to small industries offering a low cost of life (the Gold Coast has the best climate between them) and practically all cities have commercial centres with franchise of the big retail chains which means that there is a good opportunity for growth for Brisbane recruitment and job opportunities do exist.

The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Australian Labour Market Update states that Australia’s trend for employment growth was essentially flat over the 12 months to May compared to last year’s growth of 2.5 percent around the same time and has fallen from its peak of 28 900 jobs per month in December 2007.  The decline in the rate of economic growth suggests that the pace of employment growth will continue to slow over 2009.    The Australian government’s May 2009 budget forecasts, employment is expected to contract by one and half percent, in 2009-10, before increasing by just half per cent in 2010-11. This greatly affects availability to find work and Brisbane recruitment.

Over the 12 months to May 2009, employment (in terms of trends) decreased in few States and Territories with employment growth only occurring in the Northern Territory (6.7%), Western Australia (1.9%), Queensland (1.5%) and South Australia (0.9%). This was not good news for Brisbane recruitment and job search.

In Brisbane recruitment/ employment growth varied across industries.  Over 12 months to May 2009 the largest trend employment occurred in Health Care and Social Assistance Jobs (up 70,400), Public Administration and Safety Jobs (up 48,300), Transport, Postal and Warehousing Jobs (up 42,800) and Arts and Recreation Services Jobs (Up 27 800).  The strongest rates of Employment growth were in Electricity Services Jobs, Gas Services Jobs, Water Services Jobs and Waste Services Jobs (16.9%), Arts and Recreation Services Jobs (15.1%), Public Administration and Safety Jobs (7.6%) and Transport, Postal and Warehousing Jobs (7.6%).

The trend rate of unemployment was 5.7% in May 2009 compared with 4.2% in May 2008.  This greatly affected recruitment in Brisbane and job opportunities.

Over the 12 months to May 2009 to May 2009, the largest increases in employment occurred for Community and Personal Service Workers Jobs (up to 52,800), Clerical and Administrative Workers Jobs and Managers (up 19 800). Brisbane recruitment and employment greatly benefited from this increase.

Below are the percentage growth rates in employment in Australia including Brisbane in the 12 months of May 2009:

Managers Jobs 1.4%
Professional Jobs -0.7%
Technicians and Trades Workers Jobs 0.4%
Community and Personal Services Workers Jobs 5.6%
Clerical and Administrative Workers Jobs 2.9%
Sales Workers Jobs -1.6%
Machinery Operators and Drivers Jobs -4.4%
Labourers Jobs   -2.2%
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