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With multiple generations in the workplace, the range of things that employees need from employers especially based in Perth will increase. For Generation X and Y employees, day care will be a significant issue. Aged care will be another significant issue for Baby Boomers. Employers based in Perth will look to on-site non-medical aged and childcare facilities to increase employee productivity and offset absenteeism.

Authors are even starting to suggest that growing diversity in the general population and workforce is stirring interest in merging spirituality with work. People will look for greater integration of their individual and work identities. Feeling good about what they do will be important. They will seek time for reflection and self-examination. Employers in Perth that listen to their employees' concerns and help them develop meaningful solutions will be successful.

Employers located in Perth are becoming more highly networked and operate at incredible speeds, the role of business leaders will evolve. Business leaders in the 21st Century will teach knowledge workers and empower employees to make decisions. They will measure employee input in terms of results, not hours. They will spot trends that impact the company's future and focus on being visionaries.

The top employers in Perth see perks such as gym memberships, massages in the office, lunches and even parking as benefits to motivate staff and retain them as well.

Best Employers based in Perth

Areas with the highest concentration by industry in Western Australia that helped sustain recruitment in Perth were as follows:

Small Business:

  1. Model
  2. People Who Care
  3. Conducive

Medium Business:

  1. Atlas Iron
  2. Structure Consulting
  3. Workpower Incorporated

Big Business:

  1. Lavan Legal
  2. iiNet
  3. Georgi0u Group

It is also important to note that mining growth in Pilbara in Western Australia assisted the growth of recruitment in Perth.