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Bankwest has identified the recruitment in Sydney hotspots which have had the biggest employment growth in since November 2007 these are Lower Northern Sydney (13%) and South Eastern NSW (11%). The biggest employment falls since 2007 greatly affecting recruitment in Sydney were in Gosford Wyong in NSW which fell by (-8%).

The Bankwest report showed that recruitment in Sydney is going to benefit highly in Concord, in Sydney's inner west as that suburb revealed the largest employment growth in the financial services sector over ten years.

This article will identify the following areas for opportunities for recruitment in Sydney:

  • The areas where recruitment in Sydney has benefited from the rise of employment growth
  • The areas where recruitment in Sydney has suffered because of the decrease in employment growth
  • The challenges of an ageing workforce for recruitment in Sydney

The recruitment sector in Sydney has benefited from the highest concentration by industry from the following suburbs in Sydney: Conargo where 81.4% of employment is in agriculture, Holroyd (Sydney) where 30.7% of employment is in manufacturing, Botany Bay where 46.1% of local employment is in transport, Kogarah where 34.1% of local employment is in healthcare, Shellharbour (Illawarra) where 27.7% of local employment is in retail trade and Sydney city with the highest proportion of finance sector employment (19.4%). This was great news for recruitment in Sydney. Recruitment in Sydney has benefited from the growth in employment including parts of inner Sydney have come out of the global downturn unscathed.

With three-quarters of employees anticipating working beyond 65, the number of Australians working past the official retirement age is expected to treble by 2017, posing some serious challenges for employers and recruitment in Sydney. Most people between the ages of 65 and 70 say that they will carry on working because they want to, whereas over half say that they believe that they will have to keep working thorough financial necessity - something that could have some serious implications for levels of employee motivation and engagement and recruitment in Sydney.

It has been found that older employees could be resentful about their need to continue working, which is not conducive to good job performance, and recruitment in Sydney would ultimately suffer from incompetence and adversely work cover claims would increase. Employers must to focus on maintaining motivation by ensuring that older workers are given interesting and fulfilling jobs and full access to the training they need so that recruitment levels in Sydney do not suffer.

In the recruitment world in Sydney an ageing workforce also poses, legal risks. With workers now protected against age discrimination, employers will need to tread carefully to avoid potentially expensive claims from older staff.

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