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Research has found that conducting winning interviews is something that requires just as much preparation as if you were on the other side of the interview desk.  Recruiters need to know that good interview techniques are an important requirement if you want to employ the right candidate.

Before interviewing any candidates recruitersshould undertake a skills audit so they know exactly what qualifications they require in the candidate. Recruiters will need to match this skills set with those listed on the candidate’s resume and sort out applications accordingly.   Recruiters need to have a thorough understanding of the role to ensure that the specific questions asked to the candidate are relevant, clear and concise.  The last thing recruiters need is setting questions that candidates find confusing and do not understand.  It is important that recruiters start the interview with a full greeting that includes name and position in the company (even if you have spoken before to the candidate) that will put the candidate and recruiter at ease with one another.

Recruiters need to have a list ofcompetency-based questions that will determine whether the candidate has the expertise for the position to be filled. The questions will reveal a candidate’s behaviour, personal characteristics, values and ethics.   It’s good for recruiters to explore behavioural interview questions, examples of these are at http://www.bemyboss.com.au/general/pro_questions2.php.  If recruiters are having a difficult time getting a candidate to open up, try using a few easy questions mixed in with more difficult ones to help the candidate relax. Using these techniques will reveal the candidates strengths and weaknesses to recruiters.

Recruiters need to be aware that candidates will lie to make themselves look good or to get the job. Your job as recruiters is to ask the question that makes candidates accountable for the task or project undertaken if the project was a team project.  It is vital to alsoask candidates to explain their personal contribution.  Recruiters need to charm candidates by knowing company benefits and being able to show the candidate advantages of working at that organisation.

Recruiters should always be open to discussing salary as this will manage the candidate’s expectation and reassure the candidate that you can both reach a mutual agreement if there is one.  Remember it is important that recruiters never commit to any compensation figure or extend any offers until you are absolutely sure that this is the candidate you want and they meet the budget set for compensation in that role.

Recruitersshould always do a reference check especially if the candidate is scheduled for another interview.  This allows you to deal with any specific concerns you have about a candidate and adapt your questions accordingly for the next interview.

Recruiters should always close the interview positively and outline the next steps so that the candidates are aware of the expected timings.  Make sure you respond to all candidates whether they got the job or not because these candidates could be your future customers or be relatives of big customers.  You do not need candidates highlighting your organisation is a negative light because people do talk.

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