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Breaking News: Recruitment Consultants Have Found That Candidates Are Now The Interviewer?

Recruitment consultants have now found that over 40 percent of candidates have turned down a job offer because of a bad interview experience as a result of breakthrough research done by a team of qualified recruitment consultants.  Employers have to realise that they are the ones being interviewed.   As the war for talent escalates with unemployment at its lowest rate in 33 years, the candidate is now firmly king, states a number of recruitment consultants Lorraine Christopher. A recent research conducted by recruitment consultants, among its database of office support employees, which found that 40 percent of those interviewed had turned down a job due to a bad interview experience.

The recruitment consultants who conducted the interview found that candidates could do irreparable damage to corporate brand and image as they tended to inform their friends and acquaintances of their bad interview techniques.  According to another research done by recruitment consultants from well known recruitment company of recruitment consultants, they stated that 84 percent of respondents have received no response to a job application at some stage during their careers and 69 percent received no response after an interview.

Some recruitment consultants state that "Job seekers are clearly looking for timely responses and feedback; with 98 percent of respondents saying they would appreciate some kind of feedback. A simple email or quick phone call can go a long way."

Recruitment consultants have found that first impressions count and its up to the potential employer to make the best impression that blows the candidate away and gets them excited about finding work at that organisation. Most recruitment consultants have found that candidates these days are highly intelligent, well informed about the job market and more often then not, they know their worth, having searched the various online job sites and spoken with their peers.  This means employers need to perform at the highest level during an interview. 

Recruitment consultants found that what was really appalling was 20% of respondents received job offers that never eventuated into a job.  Employers should know that this kind of behaviour gives organisations a bad corporate image. Lastly recruitment consultants say that it is important to remember candidates are not just potential employees, they may also be existing or potential customers, or they could be a relative of your biggest customer or client. Make sure they have a positive experience whether they end up working for your organisation or not.

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