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Recruitment in Adelaide is not easy especially for graduates wanting to enter the workforce.  Graduates should always Start Early – many graduate employers and those in recruitment in Adelaide advise that graduates should start the process in the FIRST TERM. By visiting university's Careers Centres, getting registered on the graduate jobs database such as www.bemyboss.com.au and learn how to participate in graduate recruitment programs. Graduates should also check the careers website for recruitment in Adelaide and any jobs bulletins often to keep up-to-date on the latest employer information sessions, Careers Fairs  and job-search workshops or visit www.bemyboss.com.au and post their job profiles and let the employers find them for graduate positions.

Graduates should Identify Career Paths – find out where graduates in their major subject area have become employed. Visit the Careers Office to look at graduate destination reports or find areas online for recruitment in Adelaide.  Graduates should Identify their Skills, Values and Interests – find some self-assessment tools are available to help them learn more about themselves, for example Your Career and You or Career Quest all available online that help many graduates entering the recruitment market in Adelaide.

Explore all Career Options within recruitment in Adelaide  – browse through the Careers Resource Library to research companies, check out scholarships opportunities, postgraduate study or work overseas or visit www.bemyboss.com.au and register their graduate profile online.

It is imperative that graduates Get Work Experience – with recruitment in Adelaide as it, it is important that graduates look for work part-time or volunteering to get the experience they need. Seek Careers Advisor assistance to develop a plan to develop the required skills.

Balance Your Life is common advice given by many people involved in recruitment in Adelaide.   Employers in recruitment in Adelaide look for 'all rounders' with interpersonal and social skills as well as technical/academic skills.  Graduates should involve themselves in activities that explore those skills such as clubs, work in the community, tutor other students and volunteer work is always a winner.

The recruitment world of Adelaide urges graduates to prepare for Job Applications and Interviews – don’t wait until you find the 'perfect' job. Start preparing résumés and learning interview skills now. The best place to look sample resumes, sample interview questions and interview tips is www.bemyboss.com.au under the Look Like A Pro section of the website. 

Meet the Players in recruitment in Adelaide. Attend Careers Fairs and Employer Information sessions.  Online job sites like bemyboss.com.au have thousands of employers looking for graduates so create a profile and let employers find you.

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