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Melbourne has become a city that is a global destination for business and investment in Australia. Melbourne has a diverse range of businesses and organisations operating in a wide range of industries. This makes recruitment in Melbourne both challenging and diverse.  These industries are at various stages of development, some are mature and in some cases self-regulating and supporting. Others are well supported by other levels of government. Some focus mainly on the domestic market.

Accordingly, in a recent report The City of Melbourne's Business Melbourne branch in delivering business development services which will highlight the potential of recruitment in Melbourne has chosen to focus on industries that:

  • are emerging;
  • are predominantly populated by Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs);
  • have potential to be exporters of goods and services;
  • display niche capabilities that could be highly sought after by the global investment market;
  • growth in recruitment in Melbourne
  • require support for industry development initiatives that other levels of government may not provide;
  • are open to the potential of clustering and can assist Melbourne in achieving its ambition to become a Knowledge City; and
  • boost Melbourne's capabilities in those industries and assist in making Melbourne a sought after business and investment location.

Melbourne, Australia is a global business and investment centre that has a thriving and sustainable economy that welcomes and supports many different industries which means recruitment in Melbourne will not present a problem.
Recruitment in Melbourne by businesses located in Melbourne is from a pool of rich emerging multicultural and multilingual talent. In 2006, recruitment companies in Melbourne in the inner city area of the City of Melbourne alone had more than 40% of City residents in possession of a bachelor's or postgraduate degree.

Recruitment in Melbourne is a focal point for skilled and multilingual professionals, founded on its international reputation as a leading university city.  Eight major universities have campuses in the Greater Melbourne area, adding to the city's role as a 'Knowledge City'. 
The proximity between business and universities also facilitates recruitment in Melbourne collaboration between the business and university sectors, particularly in the area of applied research and development.

One of examples of companies who have seen the potential in investing in Melbourne is NetApp, a California-based data storage provider, is planning on expanding its Melbourne office. According to the company, this move will add “at least” 68 new jobs to Victoria’s information and communications technology sector. This is good news for recruitment in Melbourne.

NetApp Vice President for Australia and New Zealand Peter O’Connor said that the decision to expand its Melbourne office was easy. ”There are many opportunities for our business across Australia and South-East Asia and a significant portion of these will come out of Melbourne,” he says.

The company employs more than 8,000 people with revenues of US$3.4 billion. It also has offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. This expansion into Melbourne will greatly boast recruitment in Melbourne.

The expansion comes at an opportune time when recruitment in Melbourne is at an all time low and the nation’s jobless ration on the rise. Victoria is among the hardest hit areas with a decline in export demand. Premier John Brumby said that NetApps expansion is “a vote of confidence in the Victorian economy at a time when economies around the world were being affected by the global financial crisis.”

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